Sunday Reflections

It has always been assumed that the most important things in the Gospels are the ethical maxims and commandments. But for me the most important thing is that Christ speaks in parables taken from life; that he explains the truth in terms of everyday reality. The idea that underlines this is that communion between mortals is immortal, and that the whole of life is symbolic because it is meaningful.
— Boris Pasternak

The unrecognizable Resurrection walks alongside our everyday reality, speaks and subverts our old realities, and is present with us in the places where our hearts burn.  We do not have to travel out to a desert or wilderness or mountain top to encounter God, but we will have to travel to the heart, to get to the place that is burning with the Resurrection's voice.


where did you feel closest to God this week?  what patterns or themes came up throughout the week?  today, as you gathered in worship, what themes, words, feelings emerged?


what do you think all of this means?   why do you think these observations stand out to you?  what do you sense God is saying to you in this season?


do one of the following:
*text your Cleopas (spiritual conversationalist) what your takeaway from last week are.  then ask them, "where did you feel closest to God this past week?"
*talk with your Cleopas (spiritual conversationalist) and share what you sense God is saying to you.  then listen to their comments.