He is the Promise Land

These notes were jotted down from Angela, one of our leaders at Lighthouse, last year as we reflected on the Wilderness.   I've been saving them for this moment.

Jesus defeated the temptation, not the wilderness. Jesus entire journey was transitional. He came through it but kept going back to it. He went to it for life. For rest.  It's not the wilderness, or transition, that we need to defeat. We have been given the power and authority to thrive in the midst of transition, like Jesus. To get life from it. To see the miracles of God in it. To welcome people into it and help them walk in it. But not defeat it. The end goal is not to "get through it." It's to get life from God in it. It's to have victory over the temptations and animal instincts, the matters of the heart, IN THE MIDST OF IT. It's to have a relationship with God through the uncertainty of transition. He is in the wilderness. He IS the promised land.

I love that last line.... "He IS the promised land."


Read Devotional.  
Reflection.   What stuck out to you in the reading? 
Prayer. Pray a prayer of gratitude on why and how He is the Promise Land
Conversation.  Have a conversation with Cleopas about all of this.