Lighthouse is a diverse community of disciples (students) of Jesus’s teachings and way of life in the tradition of the Beloved Disciple (John 13; 19; 20; 21). Living into this way involves receiving and giving love to God (UP), one another (IN), and our city (OUT).

We practice discipleship as a family within our community (Beloved Communities) mostly celebrating together and working for the betterment of our neighborhoods and networks.   

Each Sunday (9:30/11:00 AM) we gather to develop as disciples, to remember Jesus, to worship and to celebrate what God is doing in San Francisco.



1337 Sutter Street

Sunday gathering: 9:30a & 11:00a 



Jeff Garner is the Vision and Teaching Pastor at San Francisco Lighthouse.  

Jeff was born and raised in Northern California. He received his doctorate in Ministry from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (Boston, MA).  Jeff serves as adjunct faculty for Western Seminary (His teaching curriculum includes: Growing Disciples Intentionally, Urban Mission and Ministry, Evangelism and Apologetics). 

Jeff is married to Julie Garner who was born and raised in Wisconsin. She received her Masters in Family Therapy from Western Seminary (Los Gatos, CA). 

After hearing a clear call from God to move to San Francisco to pastor SF Lighthouse, Jeff and Julie have both served as ordained pastors at SF Lighthouse for over eleven years. 

The Garners have two children: Jerusalem and Jedidiah. 

More about Julie:

Julie loves the beauty of San Francisco and the beauty of the people here. A fun fact about her is that her childhood nickname was “juliebird” because when she was little she ran like a little bird.

More about Jeff: 

What Jeff loves about San Francisco is the diversity of cultures and foods, and the fog. A fun fact about Jeff is that he has been sprayed by a skunk three times. 

Email Jeff at jeffrey.c.garner@gmail.com




Dorothy was born in Philadelphia and grew up in South Jersey. In the 1960s she moved to California to explore a bohemian beach life.  The bohemian life was short-lived, but she fell in love with the beach and continued to live in SoCal for the next forty years. During this time she married and had three wonderful children--earning the affectionate name of Mama Bair. 

In 2006 Dorothy was called by God to minister in San Francisco.  She asked The Lord for four simple things: a place to live, a church, a job and a friend.  Looking back on this prayer, she says God's faithfulness and provision is more amazing than she could have ever imagined!  

It is her honor to be a part of the Lighthouse community and to encourage everyone with God's grace and love.





Danny grew up in Stockton, CA.  About his hometown, Danny says  "If you've never been there think asparagus, delta waterways, and high crime rate."

What brought Danny to San Francisco was a beautiful brunette, whom he later married (Danny is pictured here with his wife Hannah). Danny realized he wanted to be a pastor for the Lighthouse community after journeying through the two-year pastoral apprenticeship training.

Danny says: "I had always felt called to ministry but the apprenticeship helped me grapple with what it means to be a pastor. It was during that time where I was convinced, that this was how I wanted to serve Lighthouse."  What Danny enjoys about San Francisco: "I enjoy the culture and uniqueness of each neighborhood in San Francisco. Every neighborhood has something special to offer and they each tell stories of times past." A fun fact about Danny is that ironing & washing dishes relaxes him.

rosario DUNGO

Rosario was born and raised in the rural province of Pampanga, Philippines.  She came to San Francisco in 2001 to work for a local architectural firm.  Her experiences in this city have proved to serve as a mighty shaping tool in the hand of the Lord, in conforming her into the person God wanted her to be.  

She received a call to minister while attending Bethel Bible College, and has been attending Lighthouse since 2005.  The call of God became evident to the community as she shared her life and home with people, consistently ministering to them in various ways.  It was through these ministry relationships and friendships that brought Rosario into the realization, along with Pastor Jeff, that her gift and calling could be of greater service as a pastor.  

What Rosario loves about San Francisco is the beautiful landscape of the city, the food, the diversity of the people, and the multiple cultures.

One of the fun facts about her is that every time the temperature dips, she shows up in full winter gear, including a hat, gloves, coat, and boots, wherein most people would still be in a t-shirt and shorts.



Amanda grew up in San Antonio, TX. What brought her to San Francisco was a desire for more and a calling to love on this City. She realized she wanted to be a pastor for the Lighthouse community when she found her passion in serving people. What she loves about the City is the diversity of culture, life experience, and outlook on life.  Amanda says "It's not how you fit the mold but how you play out the unique you." A fun fact about Amanda is that she has made it her goal to travel the world!



Sarah grew up in Boise, ID, thus beginning her love of outdoor adventures, particularly in the mountains. She moved to California to attend Stanford University where she shed lots of blood, sweat and tears on a degree in communication and religious studies. Her sophomore year, she stumbled upon a service-learning trip to inner-city Chicago, which eventually led her down a path to advocate for social justice within urban schools. In 2008, she moved to San Francisco, and quickly became connected to the SF Lighthouse family.  She currently spends weekdays teaching middle school math and science in Daly City.  On weekends, she restores her soul with outdoor adventures, long conversations with friends and reminders that through Jesus Christ, grace really does change everything.